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Friday, March 24, 2017

Weddings are a stressful but beautiful time. You’re full of joy and love, and it’s exciting, scary, overwhelming and of course, expensive! Making sure you everything is completely in place is daunting, especially when you’re taking care of a long list of guests and when you have to stick to deadlines. Keeping on top of your to-do list is key, especially if you have a full time job or children to look after, the 9-5 life can easily take its toll.

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Whether you’re planning a beautiful bright summer wedding on the beach, or if you’re wanting an icy, perfect picturesque snowy wedding in those crisp winter months, there is a lot to think about. The first thing is looking at your venue. Picking a place with your fiance is a magical task, and of course you want to find the best exclusive wedding venues with lots to offer and the place that will be home to the best day of your life. Memories flowing and hopefully good wine too. Once you have your venue organised, then taking care of the details is the next step. Keep a list, of course prioritising is going to be the most important thing. Here are a few topics broken down easily for you to look at; to make it easier for you to prioritise what and when.

Creating your guest list
A vital part of any wedding planning is making sure your list is full up and you have everyone invited. This way you can begin to take care of the more minor details, who is sitting where, and planning your table decor, which of course is the most exciting part!

Catering and drinks
Getting together your perfect wedding day menu can be a challenge. Of course it’s vital that you’re able to gather a list of any food allergies or requirements that any of your guests may have. This is essential to avoid any issues on the day, and it can be passed onto your planner. You could even have a dabble in creating your own recipes for your wedding and make it really personalised!

Flowers and decor
Flowers can be delivered at short notice, so this is something that isn’t going to be a top priority but you probably already have an idea as to what flowers you want to use and where you want to use them. Are you looking at a floral theme for every table? Are you perhaps wanting a floral theme to take you down the aisle! It’s always  good to know the style and theme you may want and it can be implemented easily for your venue. For decor, colour themes may be chosen or you may want certain fabrics.

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Wedding music is always going to be subjective; the bride and groom probably want specific songs played at their wedding, but again this is something that can be chosen later down the line, but making sure you have a DJ prepared in good time is always essential, as wedding DJ’s or wedding singers may need to be booked months in advance, especially if they are busy.

This is the fun part of the planning, but of course not every couple are in a position to take a honeymoon right after the wedding, but why not keep it local if your budget is tight? There are plenty of beautiful UK destinations just waiting to be explored!

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