Spring Goals - Things I want to Achieve

Friday, March 24, 2017

As we’ve headed into a new season I thought it would be a good opportunity to share some of my goals that I’d like to achieve by the summer. Some of them are personal and some are related to my blog but they are things I’d like to improve or achieve. I feel like writing them down will give me that extra push I need.

Driving Goals & Car Care
I need to get more confident behind the wheel. I tend to let my husband drive everywhere as I don’t feel as confident as I should. I know I can drive safely and I just need to do it more, I’d love to improve my parking too! Car care is a huge part of driving and such an essential to ensure safe journeys. Checking oil, wheels and brakes before setting off on big journeys are so important. Brakes are so important to check as not if they are not timely repaired they can cause fatal accidents, which just doesn’t bare thinking about. Car brakes repair from Dat Tyres will help you stay safe on the road.

Film a Video
We’re hopefully going to be getting out this weekend so it’s the perfect time to film a day in the life video. I don’t know what’s stopping me from filming videos. It’s crazy to be so shy of just a camera. I will be filming videos over Easter, please nudge me if I don’t! 

Start Work on My Ebook
I’m going to be writing a meal plan ebook over the Easter holidays. It will be my favourite meals, written in an affordable meal plan. I need to write the recipes, photograph them and then design the book.

Sell a Product
Not only am I writing an ebook I’m also going to be selling some stock photos for bloggers to use. Pretty flatlays and images that will be perfect for bloggers. It’s about time I put my photography skills to a good use via blogging.

Meet More Creative People
I already have another date in my diary to meet with another local photographer. I left our meet up feeling so inspired and it helped clear my head and set me in the right direction.

Spend Time Together
With us both working we don’t get that much time just to be together. I want at least 2 days over the Easter holidays of no work, no social media updates just us together as a family. 

I’m going to leave it at those six. They are all achievable I just need to go out and do them. Wish me luck!

*This post was written in collaboration.*

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