Edith's 18 & 19 Month Update

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Edith's 18 & 19 Month Update

Edith's 18 & 19 Month Update

Okay, so I guess I win a bad mum award. I've not yet updated you on my toddlers achievements, likes and dislikes and it's almost time for another. So I thought that I would combine Edith's 18 and 19 month update. So you can see exactly what she's been getting up to. I'll give you a clue, she's very cheeky.

The last two months have been totally random. Some nights she'll sleep through or only wake once other nights she wakes almost every hour. But I think we can explain that one (see further down).

Edith's 18 & 19 Month Update

Edith is so much better at eating. She often clears her plate at dinner but self regulates really well. For example if she has a big meal at lunch she then will eat small amounts for dinner. Edith is still breastfeeding and shows no signs of wanting to stop just yet.

My husband popped her on the scales yesterday in the Dr's waiting room and she roughly weighed around 37lb. Which technically means she's only put on 2lb since September last year but in reality she's lost some of her baby chub. She's probably still way above the percentile but while she is still breastfed she's going to have that extra layer of chub and she eats healthy food. So once again I'm not worried. Edith wears a size 5 nappy and 18-24 months clothing. (Although we have a couple of second hand bits that are a small 2-3).

Edith's 18 & 19 Month Update

Edith's 18 & 19 Month Update

Edith's 18 & 19 Month Update


So much more independent. 

Molars and some of the middle teeth to fill the gaps have erupted. The reason for rough sleep, we think. Luckily we have a new teether called Matchstick Monkey. Who Edith has been loving, she chomps down on him and it soothes those sore gums. What's great is that it has a special brush on the back of his head that you can apply teething granules or gel too to get right in the back of her mouth without risking her biting your finger off. It's also freezable and dishwasher safe too! 

Lots of clear words and sentences.

Signing songs.

The actions to wind the bobbin up.


First cinema trip. 

Her play has become imaginative and independent.

Can say I love you.

Edith Loves

Bishies (Fish) We have to go see them in Pets At Home

Hey Duggee - It's the new Twirlywoos

Choc Choc

Sheddy (Her Auntie Shelly)

Leapfrog with Daddy

Horsey rides with Mama.

Hide & Seek and Peekaboo.


Making me blow bubbles from the bubble bath.


Rearranging the washing on the dryer.

Edith Hates

Other people being upset, there was emotional distress the other day because a cat got stuck up a tree on Charlie & Lola.

Small things on her feet. Stickers, food that she's dropped touching her feet. 

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  1. Hi Carthryn, Edith is beautiful and her pics are adorable.
    Thanks for sharing your update.

  2. Hi Carthryn, Edith is so beautiful and her pics adorable.
    Thanks for sharing your updates

  3. Aww she's growing up so fast. I can hardly remember those days even though they are less than 2 years ago. Beautiful pictures you've shared for her updates x


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