Honey, Lemon & Sesame Noodles

Friday, April 28, 2017

Honey Lemon And Sesame Noodles

Honey Lemon And Sesame Noodles

Some nights my husband doesn't get back from work until later so finding time to make dinner is 
difficult. Luckily I've got a few quick and easy recipes up my sleeve that take less than 15 minutes. These noodles are one of them. 

This noodle recipe is one I've been making for years. Over time I have adapted it and tweaked it and when we ate it last week, we fell in love with over again. There was a time when this was on the menu every week we loved it that much. This time round I added in chicken and it's a real game changer. Of course you can keep this vegetarian by leaving the chicken out but I think it makes the noodles even tastier. I fried the chicken in olive oil before stir frying the rest of the ingredients. It's really important to choose the right oil for the job. I swear by the fact olive oil makes my roast chicken taste better but you need to make sure you are buying the right type. Luckily there's this handy guide put together by Jamie's Italian. 

Jamie's Italian Buyers Guide To Olive Oil

This recipe, much like most of my recipes, is a chop and change one so you can use what you have. I personally love recipes that are like this as it means I can use what's in my fridge and cupboards rather than going and buying ingredients. In fact the total cost of this meal is under £5. So I guess you'll be wanting the recipe then? 

Honey Lemon And Sesame Noodles

Honey Lemon And Sesame Noodles

Honey, Lemon & Sesame Noodles

- Serves 2 - 

2 nests of dried noodles

1 tbsp sesame seeds, lightly toasted

2 carrots, chopped

200g chestnut mushrooms

2 tbsp runny honey

1 lemon, juiced 

1 chicken breast, sliced

salt and pepper to taste

Cook the dried noodles according to pack instructions. 

In a large wok fry the chicken in 1 tbsp of olive oil until fully cooked.

Add in the carrots and mushroom and leave for 1 minute before stirring. Cook until the carrots have softened.

Add the lemon juice and 1 tbsp of the honey. Stir.

Add in the noodles and 3/4 sesame seeds. Stir.

Add the remaining tbsp of honey and stir. 

Serve in bowls and sprinkle the remaining sesame seeds on top.

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