A Trip To: Our Summer Staycation.

Friday, June 09, 2017

You may have seen my last few blog posts about day trips we've had. We'll we've decided this year, due to work commitments and a sheer lack of cash flow that we're going to have lots of trips out instead of a holiday, hence the name of this series "A Trip To:". In all honesty it works really well for me. As I love visiting places but I miss my own bed way too much so it will be nice to explore new places but still come home at the end of the day. Hopefully next year we can go on a family holiday but for now,  we're going to enjoy our summer. 

One of the plus sides of being a teachers wife, apart from all the chocolate you get on the last day of term!, is that we get 6 whole weeks together. When we spent our first 6 weeks together when I was heavily pregnant with Edith I thought I might go mad spending every single day together but it's actually really lovely. And we really make the most of family time. So we've complied a list of places we would like to visit between now and September and things we would like to do . All of them our pretty local to us as long car journeys and Edith don't get on too well.Hopefully we can tick them all off and document them along the way. We visited a few of the places last week so we've made a good start. 


Urban Jungle, Norwich
Pump Street Bakery, Orford
Old Vicarage Gardens, East Ruston 
Dunwich Heath
Sealife Centre, Great Yarmouth
Carlton Marshes
Norwich Lanes (again!)
Pleasurewood Hills

Things to do:

Have a "posh" picnic in the park.
Spend the day at the beach.
Get the garden sorted and enjoy lots of sunny days in there.
Fly a kite.
Go strawberry picking.
Have a family BBQ.
Evening walk along the beach.
Find a sunflower field.

Some of these are so simple, but it's going to be lovely to spend time together. What are your plans for summer?
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  1. We can do adult visit to Woodbridge on Saturday, then go back for a child friendly visit.


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