Everyday Make Up #1

Thursday, June 07, 2012

I have found a new love for experimenting with make up but these products have found themselves in my everyday make up routine. I have to admit the majority of this make up costs around a £1 or was free. But I did splash out (ish) on the foundation.

After cleansing and toning. I slap on the moisturiser. I am currently using Avon Fresh Hydration SPF15 Day Cream. I never really loved moisturiser before make up up until a few months ago (shocking I know) but I now can't go with out it. I know that my skin is protected from the sun and my make up stays in place so much longer.

A recent addition to my make up routine is the POREfessional and that gal primer. I alternate these depending on how I feel to be honest. Click here to see my full reviews!

I then move on to my Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation. I brought this after seeing many Youtube videos and seeing that a lot of vloggers recommended this foundation. I use shade No. 52 Vanilla. It claims to stay in place for 16 hours and it does! I never have to touch up my foundation which is a bonus when I am at work!

My next step is Collection's lasting perfect concealer. I really love this and I recommend this so much! I love the coverage. I use shade light 2.

Moving onto my eyes. I then coat my lashes in Avon colour perfect mascara. I have used this mascara for ages and I'm finding that the formula is not as good as it used to be. So I am on a look out for a new mascara! (Any recommendations would be amazing!)

I then brush my eye lids with No 7 stay perfect eyeshadow in shade 10 wheat sheaf. I find that it gives a nice even coverage and wakes my eyes up a bit.

I then line my eyes very lightly with MUA shade 19. It's a great eyeshadow and adds a bit of colour. I find this look to be a lot more natural than a heavy kohl eyeliner.

My brows then are tidied up with a brow comb and I fill in any gaps with MUA eyeshadow shade 20. I was using MUA brow pencil but I found it to be too thick and my eyebrows looked caked on!

To finish of my face I use a bronzer or blush depending on how I feel. I am currently using MUA bronzer in shade 2. I find that this isn't dark enough for my skin so I have to use a fair bit to get any definition.

To top it all off I use my favourite lipstick which again is an MUA product ( I LOVE MUA!) I use shade 12. I love this bright pink!

And that is my everyday routine! I told you that most of the products are cheap but then again I do like my bargains! I will be doing this post again when I change this up a bit!

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  1. You use so many of the same products as me :D I always think they must be great products when I see other beauty bloggers using them too xx


    1. I love experimenting at the moment and MUA is so cheap it's great! :)

  2. i use the same foundation and concealer, i love them :D xx


    1. They are great! I just looked at your blog, I can't believe your only 13 :O such a great blog already!


  3. I recommend Max Factor False Lash Effect, it's amazing! It defines lashes without clumping, you should check it out :)

    1. Oooh thank you I shall take a look :) xx


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